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Our trees are not just numbers
Zdjęcie loga las
67.71 m2
Forest area
Zdjęcie loga co2
366 kg
CO2 consumed/year
Zdjęcie loga drzew
Number of trees planted
Zdjęcie loga osoba
People get oxygene yearly
Zdjęcie loga papier
3 538 kg
Paper returned
Confirmed by  Zdjęcie loga
Cooperating with the best marks
discover our most trusted producers
The classic solution when it comes to photovoltaic modules. JASolar is one of the largest, accounting for around 13 % of all panels produced.
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HD Hyundai
Hyundai modules are a guarantee of less risk of hot-spots and better temperature coefficients, while Shingled technology ensures better performance even at low exposures.
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AE Solar
AE Solar is a german producer of solar panels and their products are designed with high quality materials. It’s a german quality confirmed with many certificates and a long-term efficient guarantee.
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SolaX Power
Solax Power is a leading manufacturer of some of the most efficient solar inverters available on the market today. They allow more energy to be harnessed from photovoltaic installations
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Wallbox Chargers
Established manufacturer of smart EV charging stations. Thanks to Wallbox Chargers’ systems, we can manage the communication between our car and charger using an easy app.
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Gree heat pumps are one of the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions for heating buildings. It is a multifunctional device that guarantees efficient heating of the house in winter and cooling in summer.
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