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FoxESS Energy Cube CM2900 Battery
Its undeniable advantage is the ability to configure with varying numbers of FoxESS CM2900 modules, which opens up a wide range of applications and allows for customization to individual energy needs.
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Product features
About the company
Dimensions: 570 × 230 × 380 mm
Weight: 36300 g
Power: up to 20,16 kWh
FoxEss, one of the leaders in photovoltaic technology, offers high-quality 1-phase and 3-phase inverters with power ranging from 2 kW to 25 kW. These inverters are extremely efficient, easy to use, and have a long lifespan. Thanks to innovations and advanced features such as intelligent monitoring, arc fault detection (in some models), energy management, and adaptive control, FoxEss inverters provide exceptional performance and reliability. They also stand out with a unique cooling system integrated into the housing, which increases heat dissipation efficiency by 30% compared to competitors. In our offer, you will find various models of single-phase and three-phase FoxEss inverters.